Hiawatha's Wedding Feast
by Samuel Coleridge Taylor (Opus 30 No 1)

The text is from chapter 11 of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's Song of Hiawatha (read the introductory note for discussion of the source of legend and the meter of the poem).

Original music file from Noteworthy Composer Scriptorium, entered by Richard Woodroffe in the UK. Thanks to John Hooper (also in the UK) for helping to find them!!

Individual parts have been slowed to 90% of original tempo, and appear stereo left (drivers side).

MIDI files are instructions for a synthesizer (note start time, pitch, "velocty", and duration), What you hear will depend on the software on your computer. MIDI files cannot be downloaded to most portable music plyers, however, MIDI files are very small.

The MP3 files have been synthesized using sound samples from a real Steinway piano (thanks to Soeren Bovbjerg), sound better, and can be downloaded to a portable music player. The files are MUCH larger than the MIDI files, so you'll probably want to download them once (Windows: right click, "save link target as....", Mac: control-click, "Download Linked File"), and play them locally.

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