MIDI practice files for Bach Magnificat in D minor (BWV 243)

Since people gave me positive feedback for the "But Thanks" MIDI practice files for the Messiah, I've done it again for the entire Magnificat.

Most computer users (both Mac and PC) should be able to click on the links below to hear the chorus (with piano part). I've boosted, and put the named part on one side of the stereo image, and all other parts on the other side.

The parts below have ONLY the voice parts, and when noone is singing you will hear NOTHING!

  1. Magnificat (chorus) (unmodified)
  2. Et exsultavit (Sop II) (unmodified)
  3. Quia repexit (Sop I) (unmodified)
  4. Omnes generationes (chorus) (unmodified)
  5. Quia fecit (Bass) (unmodified)
  6. Et misecordia (Alto/Tenor) (unmodified)
  7. Fecit potentiam (chorus) (unmodified)
  8. Dposiot potentes (Tenor) (unmodified)
  9. Esurientes implevit (Alto) (unmodified)
  10. Suscepit Israel (Sop I/Sop II/Alto) (unmodified)
  11. Sicut locutus est (chorus) (unmodified)
  12. Gloria patri (chorus) (unmodified)

The files can be played on most computers by clicking on the links, or downloading them using "save link as..." or "Save target as..." (try a "right click" on the item of choice) from your browser.

If you download them, you can play them unmodified, or change (tempo, instruments, balance) them using any MIDI sequencing program (several are available for free, I use Anvil Studio on my PC -- Mac users might want to check The Macintosh MIDI User's Internet Guide).

The files above were sequenced by my friend George Silvis, and made available on his site, The Silvis "Woodshed", where (among MANY MANY choral works) there are other versions of the Magnificat, some of which have more elaborate accompaniment (George also offers his (superior) advice on MIDI sequencers to use);