Kale Stew

from Victory Garden TV show 12/3/2000

heat 3Tbsp olive oil

add: 1/2C? fennel (or celery)
[I just buy a small fennel, and use it all]

1C chopped leek & onion
[again, I use a smallish leek and onion]
3/4C chopped carrots
1/2C chopped ham
1Tbsp chopped garlic

[saute' until vegetables soften]


1 pound Kale (8C) chopped
1 1/2C chopped fresh tomato (seeded)
2C low salt chicken broth
bring to boil
cook gently 30 minutes w/ cover

3C (2 15oz cans) cooked pinto beans

heat uncovered to thicken

garnish with good olive oil
[I often forget to do this, and always regret it!]