Snobol3 -- Snobol 3 Interpreter

Implemented in Java

Last Updated: 1 October 2005

Latest Version: Snobol 3 Version 1.0

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This Snobol3 interpreter adheres closely to the language as defined in the book

"Snobol 3 Primer: an introduction to the computer programming language." by Allen Forte. M.1.T. Press, 1967.
Deviations from the language are noted in the reference manual.

The interpreter is written in Java (using features of Java 1.5).


Various files may be retrieved as follows.
Source Version 1.0: s3-1.0.jar
Reference Manual: refman.html


Change Log

Please refer to the changlog at the end of the reference manual.

Contact Info

Author:Dennis Heimbigner
Software Engineering Research Laboratory
Computer Science Department
University of Colorado
Boulder, Colorado 80309-0430 USA


This software is released under the BSD license. Please refer to the reference manual for the actual text.