Phil's Software

FTP pointers for Free Software I've written (or collected). Files ending in .gz have been compressed with GNU Zip.


Macro Implementation of SNOBOL4 in C (CSNOBOL4)

A port of Macro SNOBOL4 (The original Bell Telephone Labs implementation, written in SIL macros) for machines with 32-bit (or larger) pointers.

Python Packages


A PDP-10 finger clone for Unix systems;

Phil's Finger Program (latest version);

Not tested on (as) many platforms, but uses 4-digit year display. Supports newer O/S' including Solaris.

Phil's Finger Program version 3(447); June 21, 1996

Updated with ports to new Unix systems.

Phil's Finger Program version 3(400) (comp.sources.unix Volume 25) c. 1990

Dated, but tested on LOTS of older systems.


"Fido" rwho watchdog (comp.sources.unix Volume 25) c. 1990

Reads rwho spool directory, gives alerts on changes. Inspired by an ITS program of the same name.

SMTP e-mail address verifier/expander

Connects to the SMTP port and issues VRFY and EXPN commands to verify and expand e-mail addresses.

Collection of NS32x32 software

Various bits of National Semiconductor NS32000-series software I collected, includes an archive of pc532 mailing list messages (to 1990);

Phil Budne