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Ralph E. Griswold

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SNOBOL4 (StriNg Oriented and symBOlic Language) is a language for text processing, pattern matching, and much more, first designed and implemented at Bell Telephone Laboratories, Inc. (BTL) in the 1970's.

SNOBOL History

Available Implementations

Macro SNOBOL4 in C

Information about Phil Budne's free CSNOBOL4, A port of Macro SNOBOL4 (The original Bell Telephone Labs implementation, written in SIL macros) for machines with a C89 compiler and 32-bit (or larger) pointers. Supports full SNOBOL4 language plus SPITBOL and other extensions.

Catspaw Macro SNOBOL4 for MS-DOS

(NOTE! most of the following links are for ftp, which seems to now be passe' as far as major browsers are concerned).

Mark Emmer's SNOBOL4/SPITBOL Page Includes sources for the Snocone preprocessor, the Catspaw SPITBOL Product Spec Sheet/price list PDF file (includes reprints of Gimpel's classic "Orange Book"), SPITBOL Manual PDF file, Free 16-bit SNOBOL4+ for MS-DOS.

Once upon a time SNOBOL4+ was Catspaw's flagship product, and the more limited Vanilla SNOBOL4 was the limited but free version of the product. SNOBOL4+ was not released with a manual, but Vanilla SNOBOL4 comes with excellent documentation (non-ftp link!).


Macro SPITBOL files are now available:

Oregon SNOBOL5

Oregon SNOBOL5 is an updated version of Minnesota SNOBOL4; a native amd64/x86-64 port of Macro SNOBOL4.

Historic Implementations of SNOBOL4

The following are historic implementations which are available on the Web:

The following are historic implementations which have found me, and plan to make available on the web, when I find the time!

The following are historic implementations which I would LOVE to find sources for:

SNOBOL4 mailing lists

SNOBOL related pages

Language references and programming

Implementations & Tools


For SNOBOL4 users, SNOBOL3 only bears a passing resemblance to the language they are used to!


SNOBOL4 has had a following in the humanities, including researchers in linguistics, classics and litterature;

SNOBOL4 Algorithms

Programs from Jim Gimpel's Algorithms in SNOBOL4 (also known as the Orange Book). (read the contents.txt file for descriptions of the files in the zip).

Text and code from the report Artificial Intelligence Programming in SNOBOL4 by Michael G. Shafto;

SNOBOL4 documents from University of Arizona, including S4D58, which describes the SNOBOL Implementation Language (SIL) used in the Macro Implementation of SNOBOL4.

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